A little blog for the O’ Neill Arms Country House Hotel Wedding couples

The O Neill Arms Wedding

A little blog for the O’ Neill Arms Country House Hotel Wedding couples.

We say beauty is all in the little wedding details. One of the most stressful events you’ll ever plan in your life is likely to be your wedding. Although you’re happy to be spending the rest of your life with someone you love, trying to put together a function that not only symbolises but celebrates your love as a couple, is a lot easier said than done. Though there’s a lot to focus on, it is important for engaged couples to remember that it’s often the small things that matter most.

Read on for unique ideas on your wedding table decor for your wedding.

Utilise the Elements (Fire/Water)

One of the most interesting table decorations available plays with the idea of the elements. Compose centerpieces that use earth, fire, and water in interesting ways. You can easily float candles in water, or float flowers in water. Be creative and unique with your composition for each table.

Stick With your Theme

The theme of your wedding can easily direct you to interesting and unique reception table decorations. Use the colours of your wedding reception for any table decorations.

Use Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras can easily be an interesting piece for a wedding reception table decoration. Disposable cameras allow your guests to provide you with memories. Ask them to take pictures of the wedding reception. You will have various pictures from your reception that you may have otherwise missed. This interactive decoration is perfect, as your guests get some use out of the decoration. It also is a great idea to add little ‘just married props’ for your guests to have fun taking the images.

Edible Table Arrangements

Edible table arrangements can be a new and interesting table decoration for your wedding reception. Edible table arrangements are interactive and double as refreshments. There are two major types of edible table arrangements that you can look to for your wedding reception.
These two types are fruit and sweet treats.
Edible fruit arrangements are stunning with all the colour combinations and on a summer wedding, this will be welcomed by your guests as they arrive to be seated. There are many ways to arrange and carve fruit to make a stunning table decoration.
Sweet treat arrangements can be a fun and interesting way to spruce up your table arrangements. Use large glasses and vases and fill them with your favourite sweets. The centerpiece is visually appealing and gives your guests a small snack.

There are a lot of different ideas for wedding reception table decorations being used at weddings.

Here at The O’Neill Arms Country House Hotel, our wedding planning service is provided to you to assist with your special day, but that’s not all, our award-winning wedding coordinator will be with you throughout your entire journey from booking to the special day ensuring everything goes perfectly. We take the care of the hassle, leaving you and your guests to relax and enjoy the day.

If you would like to get in touch with our events team, please email info@oneillarms.com to book a one to one appointment and discuss your magical wedding with The O’Neill Arms Country House Hotel.

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