Adding a Pop of Colour to Your Wedding

As you begin to plan your dream wedding, it’s time to start considering color palettes and ways to infuse color into your big day!

Some brides prefer a very natural, neutral or subtle aesthetic, while others definitely trend toward a more vibrant color palette or jewel tones.

Adding pops of color all throughout your wedding can help you infuse style and personality into your big day. From bridesmaids dresses to bouquets, cakes, invitations suites and more…Here are our favorite ways to add hints of color throughout your wedding day!

Bridesmaids Dresses
This is where most brides typically start with adding color into their day.
For clean, neutral tones: 
If you prefer neutral shades (think nudes, golds, grays, creams, etc), this is actually ones place you should NOT add much color.

For earthy tones or pastels:
 If you want to add some personality to your day, consider soft, rich, earthy tones (like navy, cranberry, slate, etc.) or pastels (blush, periwinkle, mint, etc.)

For vibrant tones:
If you really want to make a statement, you can choose a more vibrant tone to add more impact (such as magenta, emerald, ruby red, or sapphire blue).

Bouquets + boutonnieres
One of the other obvious choices for some pops of color would be the floral bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.  Whether choosing soft, neutral tones or vibrant jewel tones, designing a beautiful wedding palette often revolves around the floral choices.  You can include a single monotone palette or a mash-up of beautiful colors to add some POP to the day!

Colored Suits and Tuxedos
One of our personal FAVORITE trends — the newfound popularity of colored suits and tuxedos!  A great way to add a little pizzazz to the day, blue suits have become all the rage (no complaints here!).  Other non-black-or-gray shades are growing in popularity too.  Whether you decide on a classic shade or a bit of color, this is one sure-fire way to step outside the wedding comfort zone.

Ties + shirts + pocket squares
Adding hints of color to the guys’ attire — ties, shirts, suspenders, or pocket squares is also a very easy and more subtle way to add just a hint of color to your wedding palette.

We also love to see colour being added to our Ballroom decor, this can be done by adding colourful flowers, coloured balloons and ccenterpieces to the wedding set up.

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