Engagement Party Ideas to Kick off Your Wedding Journey in Style

Engagement Party Ideas to Kick off Your Wedding Journey in Style

An engagement party is a brilliant way to get all your family and friends together to kick off the celebrations for your exciting news.

Most people have never planned a huge party before so it’s an ideal way to get some practice in before the wedding with a fun, relaxed and as stress-free-as-possible gathering.

1. Pick a Host
Traditionally, the hosts would be the bride’s family, but there’s no set rule on who hosts the engagement party. Most commonly the couple will throw the engagement party together with their parents. Address this question with them early on so you know what budget you have for your theme.

2. Set a Date
An engagement party is typically put on around a month after the proposal. It’s enough notice for guests to keep the day free and maintaining everyone’s excitement. Not many people will have seen the ring, you’ll still be on cloud nine and everything will have a bit of a buzz to it.

3. Create a guest list
As a rule, we’d say people will assume they’re invited to your wedding if they’re invited to the engagement celebrations, so start by drawing up a preliminary guest list for your wedding.
The most important thing to remember is that this is about you and your partner and who you want to celebrate with. Keep the engagement party guest list smaller so you get to speak to everyone and don’t let your parents pressure you.

4. Choose a Venue
Your venue is going to be very dependent on guest numbers and the atmosphere you’re trying to create. For a more formal party, hire a private room in a restaurant for a meal. For something more informal, book some tables at a cocktail bar or pub where people can drop in and out. At The O’ Neill Arms Country House Hotel we have many packages and function rooms for your engagement party, just ask a member of our staff.

5. Plan the Theme
Because you’re unlikely to know your wedding theme yet, it’s best to stick with something easy and non-restrictive for now.
Seasonal is great too. Having the party in summer: Pimms on arrival; in winter: mulled wine and lots of fairy lights. We can’t stress enough that if you’re serving drinks, you’ll need to provide food too – nothing fancy necessarily.

If you would like to organise your engagement party at The O’ Neill Arms Country House Hotel, please do get in touch with a member for our team by calling  +44 (0)28 7965 0800 or emailing info@oneillarms.com

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