Wedding Flower Trends for 2019

Tying the knot in 2019? Here at The O’Neill Arms Country House Hotel, we’ve got everything you need to know about popular flower trends for 2019, just to make your big day extra special. Continue reading to find out all thing’s flower power.

Dried Flowers & Foliage
Without a doubt, dried flowers are making a massive comeback! Interest in these everlasting blooms is increasing as more and more varieties are becoming available. Not only Helichrysum, known as strawflower, but also dried Rodanthe which is a daisy-like bloom from the Aster family. Dried roses are in great demand too.

Peach & Coral
White roses are always bestsellers, but peach is proving to also be a favoured choice by florists and their customers. Not only were roses like Pearl Avalanche in demand, but also Shimmer flowers will be a great hit for summer weddings.
Less common varieties of Lisianthus in peach and brown hues were also bestsellers. And with 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year being Living Coral, it looks like a warmer colour palette will be seen in abundance throughout the coming months.

Bright & Vibrant Hues
Several traders are seeing an increase in sales of brighter, more vibrant flowers, especially during the wedding season.

Carnations are sneaking up in the flower popularity stakes due to the introduction of some truly beautiful colours

Romantic blooms with delicate petals continue to be highly sought after, in particular, peonies.

Old Man’s Beard
The soft, wispy seed heads of clematis, commonly known as old man’s beard, is highly coveted. Looking wonderful in trailing bouquets, it also adds movement and texture to large arrangements like pedestals, or even fashioned into a circle as a base for a wreath.

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