Winter Wedding Favours at The O’ Neill Arms

Winter Wedding Favours at The O’ Neill Arms

Here at The O’ Neill Arms Country House Hotel, we love winter weddings. From the romantic ambience to the candlelit dinner and the evening party vibe, a winter celebration has much to offer. Here are our top 10 Christmas wedding favours. 

1. Mulled wine

Give your guests a warming treat to take home, by putting together a few essential mulled wine spices.

2. Festive baubles

Baubles make wonderful wedding favours and have the added benefit of looking beautiful on your tables. Add a place name to each one, choosing either identical designs or a range of shapes and colours.

3. Snowflakes

We just love a festive snowflake… as a cookie, ornament, tree decoration or candle. Choose your snowflake favour and go to town!

4. Candy cane

If your colour scheme includes red, a candy cane has to be a strong favour contender. Place on each napkin for an inexpensive, colourful (and edible) decoration.

5. Hot chocolate

Cocoa is the ultimate winter warmer, so send your guests home with everything they need to make a perfect mug, complete with marshmallows.

6. Chocolate coins

It’s that time of the year when we all secretly want to be children and buy bags of chocolate coins. Treat your guest to a few… perhaps with a quirky ‘for richer, for poorer’ tag.

7. Crackers

If you can’t pull a cracker at a winter wedding, when can you? As well as being fun, crackers can also act as place names, and you can adorn them with any colour or design you wish. Why not decorate with some dried flowers?

8. Sparklers

Sparklers look magical in the night sky and make a great favour that your guests will hopefully use to bid you farewell at the end of the evening.

9. Candles

It’s always a lovely idea to give guests a favour they can enjoy after the wedding, and a candle fits the bill perfectly. Consider buying a few extras to light on the tables after dark.

10. S’ mores

S’ mores are bang on trend, and what better time to give them to guests than at a winter wedding. You might even consider having an evening smores bar! Alternatively, put all the necessary ingredients in cellophane bags for your guests to enjoy at home

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