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You’ll have more than enough things to think about during the lead up to your wedding day. But to ensure that your wedding day timetable goes to plan, here’s a wedding checklist which contains everything that we feel you need to plan and think about and remember, prior to the special occasion.

Here at The O’Neill Arms Country House Hotel, our wedding planning service is provided to you to assist with your special day, but that’s not all, our award-winning wedding coordinator will be with you throughout your entire journey from booking to the special day ensuring everything goes perfectly. We take the care of the hassle, leaving you and your guests to relax and enjoy the day.

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Pre-Wedding Checklist
A list of questions to answer to yourself between two weeks and a month before your actual wedding day.

  1. Have you booked a florist and agreed on all arrangements with them?
  2. Have you secured a wedding hair and beauty supplier? And have you had a trial?
  3. If necessary, have you booked wedding transport for the big day? And did you book enough transport for everyone in your wedding party?
  4. Is your wedding venue aware of your final guest numbers?
  5. Have you discussed all food and dietary requirements with your wedding venue?
  6. Have you chosen and finalised a wedding cake with a designer? If not, have you ordered a wedding cake online from your chosen retailer?
  7. Have you organised wedding favours for your guests?
  8. Have you sat down together and worked out a table plan?
  9. Have you added yourselves to your final wedding day numbers? You will be surprised at how many couples forget this one!
  10. Has your wedding been paid for in full yet? If not, when is your final balance due?
  11. Have you sent your venue any accessories that they might need in order to prepare your wedding reception tables, such as ribbon or place cards?
  12. Pre-warn your wedding party that you will be delegating jobs to them during the lead up to the wedding and on the day itself.
  13. Are you aware of the timing that you and your suppliers will be allowed in and out of your wedding venue on the day of your wedding?
  14. Have you organised a wedding guest book?
  15. Have you thought about names for your wedding tables?

Checklist for During your Wedding Day
You’ll be in your element, but it is essential to ensure that you’ve remembered to look out for the following list of questions that relate to your wedding day.

  1. Do all of your wedding suppliers know the exact address and postcode of your chosen wedding venue?
  2. Do you have a bridal emergency kit at the ready?
  3. Have you broken in your wedding shoes? Are you bringing a back-up pair of shoes for the evening?
  4. Have you packed your overnight bag for the night of your wedding…if you are staying the night at your wedding venue?
  5. If you are heading straight off on your honeymoon, have you pre-packed everything you need, including your passports?
  6. Has someone got the wedding rings?
  7. If you have a pet, have you left someone responsible for them on the day of your wedding?
  8. If you’ve got small children of your own, will someone be responsible for them throughout the day? Have you packed everything that they might need?
  9. Have you left someone in charge of the marriage certificate?

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